Slow Fashion


Our Commitment to Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion is a movement of designing, creating and buying garments that stand the test of time. It’s a philosophy that encourages slowing down our consumption, owning fewer, but better, things that are purchased thoughtfully from brands that consciously manufacture clothing without threatening natural resources or damaging the social and ecological environment.

At Thesocialmarketingdiva, we’ve been honoring Slow Fashion since long before it became a movement. We strongly believe that fashion, like food, is best when crafted “from scratch,” with intention — which means knitting a piece of our soul into everything we make.

Our Product Philosophy

Each seasonal offering is a journey celebrating the global talents, skills, relationships and aspirations of women, artisans and entrepreneurs. We celebrate the time-honored traditions and skills around the world in raising livestock, farming, knitting, sewing and crafting garments which tell a story, celebrate a life hard earned and a life well lived.

We understand everyone in the world can’t wear 100% organic and natural clothing, but believe that more apparel produced with natural, bio-based and recycled yarns along with responsible dyes and processing is the right place to start.

Sustainable Fibers

We select superior-quality, natural fibers from sustainable sources across the globe that respect animals, employees and the environment. In particular, our Merino wool partner sets the bar for textile companies by producing an innovative, high-quality product without sacrificing their commitment to the environment, social welfare and industry best practices. They are certified for excellence in wastewater treatment, energy usage, absence of harmful substances, continual supply chain improvement and overall environmental sustainability. This high standard is what we expect from all of our award-winning yarn suppliers.

Ethical Sourcing

We are as committed to our factories as they are to us. We value the strong personal relationships we have built with the owners and are proud of the opportunity they provide their craftspeople to earn a sustainable living, and create a better life for themselves and their families.

Most of our factories are independently owned small businesses, and like us, owned and operated by women. We have been honored to work together, and prosper together.

Slow Fashion Values

We care about our planet and the people on it. We constantly strive for balance. We do things that feed our soul and connect us to what matters most. From our employees, suppliers and factories to our customers, we are committed to building long-standing relationships based on sustainability, passion and trust.